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Create your own marketplace based on the Hotibo online store

If you want to create your own store, then there is an interesting offer for you

Now we are testing the Hotibo marketplace (marketplace / Aliexpress / Amazon analog) for sellers

It looks like an ordinary online store, but inside it is a powerful trading platform for sellers.

Marketplace is an online marketplace that helps sellers and potential buyers find each other online and interact with each other.

To study the interface, use test access data, or register yourself on the resource

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About the capabilities of the Hotibo online store platform

Online store system with sellers Hotibo
Hotibo is a system for creating multi-vendor online stores with sellers

Unlimited Sellers for Your Online Store
Hotibo enables sellers to publish and sell products on your online store.

Hotibo Marketplace Management System extends the standard online store system and gives you complete control over sellers, product catalogs and orders.

Dashboard Hotibo sellers have their own dashboards in your store to manage their products, orders and customers.

Customized Seller Profiles
Hotibo enables sellers to personalize their store profile within the overall style of your site.

Adding a Product Catalog by
Sellers Sellers can create their own products using Hotibo, as well as import them from CSV files.

Orders and Customers Hotibo notifies sellers of new orders and enables them to process orders.

Products from multiple vendors
With Hotibo, customers have the ability to purchase products from multiple vendors in one order.

Loyal customer is the key to success

Hotibo enables shoppers to track orders, rate products and resolve issues directly with sellers without leaving your marketplace.


Hotibo is compatible with Russian-language localization, which allows you to create trading platforms for the Russian-speaking market.

What's in the platform for the user?

The platform is our approach to creating an improved modern universal trading platform that:

Designed for sales and usability based on current e-commerce research

Really easy to use - for buyers, sellers, marketplace owners and developers

Stable, reliable and easy to deploy, configure and maintain


Powerful product search and display

If a customer cannot find the product they are looking for on your platform, they will go elsewhere.

Hotibo's catalog features are designed with this in mind - powerful product searches, information-rich categories with automatic product facet filters and product cards that provide exactly the information customers are looking for.


Automated SEO Marketplace

Search engine optimization can help you attract or destroy regular customers.

Hotibo already provides most of the SEO tools your suppliers need in the online marketplace, and we will be expanding it in the platform to cover the entire platform.

This includes the automatic generation of all SEO-optimized metadata for products, categories and sellers, microdata, URL structures, etc.


Clean, informative product pages

The product page is where the customer decides whether they buy the product or not. Unfortunately, the base product as part of the ISP manager doesn't offer a great product page experience out of the box.


The platform has its own product pages designed with the buyer's interests in mind.

Think of great images, density of information, sections with seller information and reviews, shipping details tailored for the current customer, etc.

Better product management for suppliers

Better localization, shipping and tax management

More sales and marketing tools


To explore the interface, test access data:

Login test@gmail.com

Qweasd password

Buyer and Seller Panel Address:


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